Get to know my work

Photography portfolio

Hello there. If you clicked on this page, you’re likely interested in my work. I’m so happy to hear that and to have you here! I mostly do portrait and cafe photography – you’ll be able to choose which one you wanna see below.

I also spend a bit of time on the other side of the camera – check the last section if you want to see my modeling work.

Taiwanese girl in grey sweather looking into the distance in a castle in Budapest, Hungary
My Favourite

Portrait photography

For me portraits are like conversations between me and my model – and my aim is to always show them all the little things that makes them unique and beautiful. To make even ordinary moments feel special.

As I am passionate about sharing my life and experiences online, capturing the things and places I enjoy comes naturally. I enjoy spending time in cafes and trying new products ~ so they often end up being my photography subjects for the day.

The Aesthetics

Still Life & Cafe Photography

On the other side


I’ve been taking pictures as far as I can remember – but in the last few years I’ve discovered that I feel really comfortable in front of the camera as well. And with photographer (and photo-loving) friends I’ve got to practice that quite a lot as well:)