Digital illustration is a newly found interest of mine. I’ve always loved drawing and painting, so exploring this completely new medium is very exciting. It can be frustrating at times as it’s not as easy to translate your skills, but a cool challenge nonetheless. Lately I’ve been experimenting with two styles of digital illustration and I’m currently working on finding my style for more stylized character illustration.

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Smiling girl wearing high heel shoes and a blush pink jumpsuit standing outside of a cafe in Taipei

Portrait illustrations

One of myy favourites is creating flat design portrait illustrations. I started out creating them with Adobe Illustrator – but then I was introduced to Figma and realized how much I love their pen tool. And that’s how these images you see here were created.


Selfie of three young women smiling to the camera in a cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.
Current goals

I want to practice more to find my unique illustration style.

So far I’ve been doing two kinds of illustrations: the flat drawings you can see above, and ones that are more painting-like, like the ones below. But these are usually based on photographs.

I want to find my unique illustration style for drawing scenes without replying so heavily on photos. I have a few doodles and pictures already – they’re just not quite good enough to feature them on here yet. But coming soon!