Branding, custom logos and graphic design

Visual branding, a unique logo and a consistent tone of voice in communication are the backbones of a brand’s online and offline presence.

As a digital marketer-designer, my goal is to help solopreneurs and small businesses define their brand and lead their businesses to strive. I’ll help you accomplish that by:


  • establishing your brand personality and tone of voice,
  • creating a suitable visual branding and custom logo, and
  • designing brand assets you can use both online and offline.

Below you’ll find a case study on my own branding (thought it’d be interesting to see) and later I’ll be adding other branding and design projects I’ve done as well. 

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Smiling girl wearing high heel shoes and a blush pink jumpsuit standing outside of a cafe in Taipei

Case study: how I created my own brand

I thought it’d be interesting to give you a little insight into my own branding. So below I’ll show you the moodboard I put together for my brand, my colour palettes and font choices, my logo variations and the reasoning behind why the logo became what it is now.


Visual branding elements

My fonts and colour choices

As I’ve been designing and creating things digitally over the years, I collected hundreds of fonts and saved dozens of colour swatches. I learned what I liked myself and what the different looks convey. 

Screenshot of a section of my brandbook. There you can find the moodboard right below.

The story behind my logo

A camera and a fountain pen.

It was important for me to portray both photography and design somehow in the logo – and to make is a custom, one of a kind graphic. The fountain pen represents graphic design and illustration, while the camera is a portrait of my own machine.

I created multiple different variations of the logo – for usage on different platforms and mediums. These variations include the name and byline as well – which would be legible if the logo appears in a bigger size. The ones at the bottom can be created with no text as well.