Oh hey, hello, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m Dorka, a digital marketer with a passion for photography, illustration and graphic design. And books. And coffee. There are a lot of things I just cannot fit into short bios, and that’s why this page was born. So if you’re interested in all the little details, keep on reading! Or you can…

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Smiling girl wearing high heel shoes and a blush pink jumpsuit standing outside of a cafe in Taipei
Fun facts: coffee, coffee, coffee

If you ask my friends to tell you one thing that I like, they’ll all say the same. Coffee.

If you’ve seen my Instagram or photography page, you’ll know that I like coffee. A lot.

My favourite thing to do, both in Budapest and while travelling, is exploring cafes. Watching the people, having that ambient background noise, trying specialty coffee… It doesn’t get much better than that, if you ask me.


My current coffee order: flat white
My favourite origin: Honduras

Here’s a little summary of my life so far

If you asked me to tell you about my life, I’d start with saying I was born and raised in Budapest. Here I went to a high school called ELTE Radnóti, which is a big part of my identity, up to this day. I went on to study international studies at uni, but after the first year something happened that forever changed my life.

I moved to Taipei, Taiwan.

…which I now call my second home. I spent overall three years there, studying Chinese and getting my Master’s degree. These were hands down the best years of my life.

There I became fluent in Chinese, joined a dragonboat team and met friends that I consider my family now. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them. And not only that, I even met my now-husband there! Hahaha, can it get any more life changing than that?

But even though Taiwan is near and dear to my heart, I decided to move back to Budapest and settle down here, for now. I missed my family, missed Europe, even missed the seasons changing. So I packed my bags again, moved back home and started working as a digital marketer. And although I miss my friends like crazy, I feel like I made a good decision. 

So I’m now back to my beloved Budapest, doing what I love. I’m currently an online marketing manager at UX Studio – doing photography, graphic design and illustrations in my free time, which you will see on this website too. 

Fun facts: the books that I love

I’d love to be the person that reads all the smart non-fiction books, but I’m in love with novels.

What kind? The longer the better – I find books below 300 pages way too short and some of my favourites are over 700 pages. My favourite genres are historical novels and fantasy. In the past few years, I’ve been obsessed with Sarah J. Maas – if you love her books, message me! I already know we’re going to be great friends!

My values

Personal development & creativity.

I believe that you can do more than you imagine, if only you believe in yourself, make a plan and work hard. 

I want to help you see that and realize your potential. At the same time I’m a big believer of “work smarter not harder”, and that’s when planning comes into play. I’ve experimented with a lot of different planning methods myself, and want to share my experiences to help you get organized.

I currently have a bullet journal and a “regular” journal myself. As someone who’s interested in both illustration and calligraphy, I like making them very aesthetic, and I’m excited to share some functional, yet good-looking journal spreads with you for inspiration. (Pssst, there might be some downloadable freebies coming your way too!)

At the same time, self-care and mindfulness are also very important for me. In this regard, I’m still only exploring too, but would love to record and share the journey with you.

Selfie of three young women smiling to the camera in a cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.

Leading a life based on more “traditional” values and sustainability.

What I’m going to say, might me a little controversial, but hear me out. 

I feel like the culture and lifestyle that has spread on social media in the last decade or so can be very… hedonistic, consumerist and having very lousy morals. And it’s very far from the kind of life I’d like to lead myself.

Of course, it’s not everyone on social media, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to follow people who share the same, kind of more traditional values as me.

Who live life with faith and integrity, who prioritize family. People who are kind and help those in need. Who are a little more modest. Who are trying their best to live sustainibly.

Maybe I’m just getting older, but my priorities have shifted in the last few years and leading a life based on these values + following people who also do so, has become very important for me.

My values

Travelling, having an open mind, respecting all people and cultures.

Traveling opens your eyes to the world and helps you become more compassionate as you meet people from every corner of it.

I know, I know… It’s a big cliche. But it’s true. I’m grateful that I had the chance to travel to many countries and multiple continent, exploring places in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I got to live in and learn more about all the different cultures.

I lived in Taiwan and married someone who was brought up in the Middle East. It taught me that if something isn’t the same way as it is in my culture, if it’s not the way I think it should be… it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Which can be hard to accept at first, because it comes so instinctively for me. 

But you need to be open-minden and accepting and always need to be willing to listen and learn.

And above all: you should always respect the other. Regardless of which country they’re from. Regardless of their religion. Regardless of whether they’re straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community. Because we’re all human, and we all deserve it.

I want to make my website and our community a safe space for everyone. I want to talk about these issues, raise awareness and create discussion. Because I want to live in a world where you don’t have to be afraid, that you won’t be accepted, because of your race, faith or who you love.